Frequently Asked Questions

If you don´t find answer to your question below, contact us.

  • How long does it take to get more sales?

    Depends on how much more sales is expected? From days and weeks to months and years.

  • In which channels you are marketing on?

    Case-by-case. Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

  • How long your assignments last?

    From few weeks to 12 months.

  • How do you measure effectiveness of your campaigns?

    With KPI´s. By increased cashflow, page views, customer base and social media follower reach.

  • What kinf of a budget should be prepared to start marketing online?

    Case-by-case. In case you´re running a small business, small results can be generated even with a budget of few hundreds of euros. However, since we really want to scale our customers businesses remarkably, we execute campaigns only with remarkable budgets.

  • What do we need to get started?

    Assignment agreement, ad accounts registration/access rights sharing and reasonable budget.

  • Organisation already has a website/eCommerce, but content is not selling. Can you write new ones?

    Yes. Book a discovery call with us and we´ll see how we can help your company.

  • Organisation already has professional website/eCommerce, but not generating enough sales. Can you make it sell?

    Yes. Book a discovery meeting and we´ll discuss when and what kind of budget we can start with.

  • Some other question in mind?

    Contact us, we´re happy to help.